Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Year latest news

Jan 2008 SUSTRANS - Charity that has built 11,500 miles of Cycle network in Northern Ireland and Great Britain plan to open Dublin office in 2008

Nov 2007 SUSTRANS meet FingalCoCo and agree to assist with the development of the Broadmeadow Estuary Orbital route. SUSTRANS to propose pilot project to allow cycling in Malahide Demesne, and to provide safe route to Scoil Iosa through Malahide Demesne. Proposal due in Jan 2008.


Anonymous said...

love your site. your readers may be interested to know that Fingal are accepting submissions for their Leisure policy formation. mentions cycling:

Anonymous said...

May be of interest to you that sucessful lobbying has cancelled Fingal's plans for a soccer stadium at Rogerstown and instead they are proposing a significant Parkland development:

Parklands at Turvey/Rogerstown
Fingal are planning to purchase extra land around Rogerstown and make a wildlife conservation area and park there:

"The proposed development shall include; new entrances, a car park with a 120 car parking spaces, 250 allotments,
3km of walkways, a new bridge adjacent to the railway bridge, woodland and hedgerow planting, hay meadows,
reintroduction of cattle to graze the grasslands and interpretative facilities"

Two documents with the details here:

Submissions on the proposals can be sent to Fingal County Council, Swords, on or before August 27th or to - Yours, etc,