Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Latest news

Broadmeadow Trail - Councillors pass important motion:
We welcome the unanimous vote on Monday Sept 10th by Fingal County Councillors in support of Mayor Alan Farrell's motion "That Fingal County Council initiate a programme for the development of an orbital footpath/cycle route around Broadmeadow Estuary."

New pathway open linking Malahide and Portmarnock
A beautiful new pathway is now open from Robswall over "Paddy's Hill" to Portmarnock. Access on the Portmarnock side is beside the entrance to Portmarnock AFC. The view of Lambay island, as one approaches Malahide from the Portmarnock direction is stunning. This is officially a 'pedestrian' pathway, but my kids think it's more fun on a bike!

Pedestrian crossing imminent
A new pedestrian crossing at the junction of Swords Road and Millview Road (Malahide) is due for completion by the end of the year. The crossing will be at a location west of the Millview. Road. (Source: Fingal Independent - Sep 12th, page 2).
This will provide a much needed 'safe' crossing point for pedestrians and cyclists on the southern side of the very busy Swords road. Hopefully this will give more parents the confidence to allow their children to walk and cycle to schools in the area.

Improved permeability planned within Malahide Demesne
FingalCoCo Parks Department is planning to improve permeability within Malahide Demesne by opening what is currently a 'Council Staff Only' section of the main avenue leading from the Casino gate, past the Courtyard, to the castle itself. Currently, visitors approaching from Malahide village are forced to leave the main avenue and approach the castle through the wooded pathway. In addition to reducing confusion for the many tourists who visit the castle, this will greatly improve access for all of the residents of Malahide, to the courtyard shops, and the playing pitches.

Pilot cyclepaths project for Malahide Demesne
FingalCoCo Parks Department is planning a pilot project to introduce safe cyclepaths within Malahide Demesne, with a view to introducing cyclepaths to all parks in Fingal over time. Safety for both pedestrians and cyclists will be a primary consideration.
(Source: Fingal County Manager, David O'Connor at Malahide Community Forum AGM May 2007, confirmed by Senan Turnball, Director of services, Community, Recreation and Amenities, on Monday Sep 17th 2007)


Moby Dick said...

Wow, sounds great! I live in South Florida, where about 100 cyclists are run over and usually killed every year. Florida ranks 2nd in the USA in cycling deaths, usually around 500 per year. There is a great lack of courtesy by drivers. Did I mention that pedestrians have an even higher mortality rate here??

Walter said...

This was a lovely bblog post