Saturday, September 30, 2006

The cycle path debate

We are campaigning for safe off-road cycle paths because children need the space to learn, safe from motorised transport.

There are many arguments for and against off road cycle paths.
You can find details, and contribute to the debate on Wikipedia in the Cycle path debate.
How you can help!

There are a number of simple things you can do to help.

1. Register Your Support !

2. Tell your friends and family about the campaign! - Encourage them to support!
Just tell them to type 'Fingal Safe Cycling' into Google, and they will find us.

3. Contact your local councillors - ask them what they are doing to provide safe cycling routes in your area for you and your family. You will get their details here Fingal County Councillors

4. If you would like to get more involved - contact us at
Contact us

Send an e-mail to

Mobile: Ken O'Connor 086 8196026

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Fingal - everything you need to know !
Click on Fingal to go to the Wikipedia page on Fingal, where you will find lots of interesting and useful information about Fingal. You will also will find links to specific details on your local Fingal town or village (see below).

What's more, if you spot an error, or disagree with anything on
Wikipedia, you can correct it yourself ! Wikipedia is one of the best examples of a web collaboration project. Have a look at it - it is truly amazing.

Balbriggan, Baldoyle, Bayside, BlanchardstownWikipaedia - The Free Encyclopaedia
Castleknock, Clonsilla
Malahide, Mulhuddart
Portmarnock, Portrane
Rolestown (Rowlestown)
Skerries, Swords, Sutton

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Register your support

Just click on the link below to tell us what you think of our campaign for safe cycle routes.

When you have typed your comment, select the 'Name/URL' button - you may then add your name and where you live e.g. Tony, Donabate, or Joan Murphy, Skerries. Of course comments of support from all over the world are also welcome!

Post your comment of support here !

You may write anything you like - however, we will delete any offensive or inappropriate material. more details...

Your support counts - Thank you.

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Flagship project and other proposed routes

Our Flagship Project is the 10Km long continuous pedestrian and cycle route aroundthe Broadmeadow Inner Estuary. This will provide a fabulous amenity for the residents of Swords, Donabate and Malahide, and indeed for all of the people of Fingal and beyond. This route is less than five miles from Dublin Airport, and has the potential to become a significant eco-tourist attraction.

There is currently a pedestrian path along some of the southern shore of the estuary (see picture). We would like to see this upgraded to accomodate both cyclists and pedestrians.

Barrack Bridge - at Cave's Marsh is currently part of the Broadmeadow inner estuary pedestrian / cycle way. As you can see from the picture, this is a nightmare for pedestrians and cyclists alike. Up to 8,000 cars a day use this recently upgraded road that links Seabury to Malahide village. See the current route at Barrack Bridge pedestrian / cycle route. Thankfully, just yards away is plenty of space to solve this problem........

The simple solution is to build a pedestrian / cyclist bridge over Cave's Marsh closer to the shore (see Cave's Marsh route) . There is already a beautiful pathway at Cave's Marsh that unfortunately comes to a 'dead end'.

We were pleased to learn recently (Late Sep 06) that the council has decided to build a bridge across Caves Marsh. The design will go to 'public consultation' shortly. Years of campaigning by local groups such as the Seabury Residents Association is finally paying off. Well done to all.

Click on the following for a very Rough sketch of 'Fingal Way'

As time permits, we will map out other proposed routes. If you have ideas for safe cycle routes in your part of Fingal, you can use to map them out. Tell us about them and we will include a link from this page.

Existing Walks and Hikes
We have begun to map out some of the fabulous walks and hikes already in place in Fingal:

Rhodedendrum walk - Deer Park
Coast walk - Malahide to Portmarnock
Howth Cliff Walk-Route 1

You can map your favourite Fingal walk / hike / cycle at
If you do - let us know about it, and we'll add a link to it.

While we are campaigning for safe off road cycle routes to be built, we are not suggesting that walks such as the Howth Cliff walk, or the Rhodedenrum walk should have cycle ways added. We do however want to be able to cycle to the start of these walks in safety.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Barrack Bridge Nightmare

Barrack Bridge - at Cave's Marsh is currently part of the inner estuary pedestrian / cycle way. As you can see from the picture, this is a nightmare for pedestrians and cyclists alike. Up to 8,000 cars a day use this recently upgraded road that links Seabury to Malahide village. Thankfully, just yards away is plenty of space to solve this problem........ The simple solution is to build a pedestrian / cyclist bridge over Cave's Marsh closer to the shore. There is already a beautiful pathway at Cave's Marsh that unfortunately comes to a 'dead end'.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Excellent objectives - now please deliver them.
We congratulate Fingal County Council on the many excellent safe cycling objectives contained in the Fingal development plan particularly: -

  • Transportation Objective TO28
    Development of the Fingal Coastal Way - a combined pedestrian and cycle path extending from the county boundary with Dublin City to the county boundary with County Meath.

We have drawn a Rough sketch of 'Fingal Way'.

We will do everything in our power to assist and encourage Fingal County Council to turn this objective into reality, starting now. We have identified the development of a pedestrian /cycle circuit around the Malahide Inner Estuary as a great starting point (see Broadmeadow Inner Estuary - Swords Malahide Donabate ). The space is available, and some of the infrastructure is already in place. Completing this route will provide a fabulous amenity for all of the people of Fingal, especially those in the Swords, Donabate and Malahide areas. In time, the 'Donabate Causeway' part of this route will rival the pier at Howth as a favourite day trip for all of the people of Dublin.

We will be suggesting the use of boardwalks along some parts of the route. Martin County, Florida has successfully used boardwalks in it's 'Greenways' programme:

Naturally, an environmental impact study will be required for sensitive areas around the estuary, but we believe if the swans and the estuary have survived building the M1 bridge over them, they will survive a well designed pedestrian / cycleway.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

In town without my car! European Car Free Day on Friday Sep 22 2006:

If you normally drive to work, and you have a viable alternative, why not give it a try on European Car Free Day. You might enjoy it, it may even improve your health, and you'll also be doing your little bit for the environment.

To discover more about European Car Free Day, click on the above image.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Useful businesses and services in Fingal

We list here for free, links to businesses and services that you may find useful within Fingal. In return, the businesses shown here have agreed to link to us from their site.

A big 'Thank you for your support' to each of these businesses.

Remember......if you choose to travel by have the right to expect to travel in safety.

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Richies bike store
Located in the Town Centre Mall in Swords, Richies bike store is less than 1km from the proposed Broadmeadow Cycle Way. Richies bike store carries a large range, and can cater for all your cycling needs. With the closing of the Malahide bicycle shop, it is important to support our local suppliers.

'Designer Wine is committed to only stocking and supplying superior wines and champagnes. We stand over every bottle with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction or the customer receives a 100% no quibble refund.'

'Help your child learn to cycle without stabilisers with a Wallaby Trainer. No more aching back, the jacket contains a gripper to support your child without needing to bend down, and teaches the child to balance the bike themselves thereby speeding up the process and building confidence. Features reflective strips for extra safety'

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The goals of the Fingal Safe Cycling Action Group:
- To accelerate the provision of safe cycle ways in Fingal in keeping with the objectives set out in the Fingal Development plan 2005-2011[1], and the Donabate Strategic Environmental Assessment (March 2006)[2]. Maps - Proposed safe cycling routes

- To specifically accelerate the following objectives in the Fingal Development plan:

Transportation Objective TO28
To prepare and implement on a progressive basis a programme for the development of the Fingal Coastal Way for pedestrians and cyclists, extending from the county boundary with Dublin City to the county boundary with County Meath.

Transportation Objective TO29
To ensure where possible that cycleways and footpaths are effectively separated from major vehicular carriageways.

Community ObjectiveCIO4
To ensure that sites (community facilities) are accessible by a range of travel modes, particularly by public transport, pedestrians and cyclists.

Examples of the projects we would like to accelerate include:
1. Provide safe cycle way along the coast between Portmarnock and Malahide. Specifically we propose:
1.1. Upgrade and widen the existing coastal pedestrian path between Portmarnock and Malahide to provide a split pedestrian / cycle path.
1.2. Provide pedestrian / cycle lights at the entrance to Malahide United’s soccer ground at Gannon Park, where approximately 1,000 children train weekly.
1.3. Continue the combined walkway / cycle path behind the Malahide Tennis Club / Malahide Yacht Club / Malahide Sea Scouts den, and provide link with a safe cycle way along the south shore of Broadmeadow estuary, thus providing a continuous safe cycle way linking community facilities on the coast to those on the estuary including Fingal Sailing school, Malahide Sailing Club, Swords Sailing Club and Malahide Rugby club.

2. Provide safe cycle way along south shore of Broadmeadow Estuary linking Seabury with Malahide village. Specifically we propose:
2.1. Complete the new gravel pathway from Seabury to Malahide village along south shore of Estuary:
2.1.1. This requires new cycle/pedestrian bridge over stream at Barrack Bridge.
2.1.2. Upgrade and widen the path to accommodate both pedestrians and cyclists.

3. Provide a safe cycle way around the Broadmeadow Estuary. Specifically we propose:
3.1. Provide safe cycle / pedestrian path at Swords end of the estuary.
3.2. Widen the non-tidal path on the north shore to cater for cyclists / pedestrians.
3.3. Extend the non-tidal path to cater for cyclists / pedestrians on the north shore to the start of the causeway.
3.4. Complete the circuit by providing cycle / pedestrian route across the causeway between Donabate and Malahide as per item 153 in the Donabate Strategic Environmental Assessment (March 2006)[3].

4. Update the plan for a new park at Robswall to include provision of Cycle ways through the park.

5. Provide safe cycle ways linking all of the public parks and open spaces in Fingal.

6. Provide safe cycle routes to all schools in Fingal in co-operation with the Green Schools initiative.

[1] Fingal Development Plan -
[3] 153 That Fingal County Council seeks the provision of a public walkway/cycleway through the Western side of Variation 34 Lands in Donabate and along the existing railway embankment across the Malahide Estuary, in consultation with Iarnrod Eireann within the lifespan of this Development Plan.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Links to other Irish Cycling Sites

Dublin Cycling Campaign The aim of the DCC is to encourage cycling and to represent the interests of everyday cyclists - to make the streets safer for cyclists and to increase public awareness of the benefits of cycling.

Sutton2Sandycove S2S is a voluntary group whose sole objective is to promote the construction of a continuous seafront promenade and cycleway from Sutton to Sandycove.

Dundalk Cycling Alliance Dundalk Cycling Alliance, formed in 2004, aims to promote safe cycling and a better quality of urban life through the provision of cycle lanes in Dundalk and throughout Louth.
This site publicises the work done by each councillor to assist the campaign.

Galway Cycling Campaign
The GCC is a group that exists to forward the interests of ordinary everyday adult bicycle users with the following core aims:
Safer conditions for cycling
Planning that gives equal priority to all road users
Improvement of existing facilities
Secure parking for bikes
Recognition of the rights and responsibilities of all road users by all road users
The cork cycling campaign's mission statement says 'We want to get the message out that cycling is an enjoyable,viable,healthy,practical and quick mode of transport and also to make cycling safer for all cyclists,especially for utilitarian cyclists,including children.'
Check out the schools travel pilot on this excellent site.

Cycle Touring Club of Ireland
Information on bike touring in Ireland.

Cycling Ireland
Cycling Ireland aims to promote and develop all aspects of cycling as a healthy, enjoyable and friendly lifetime activity for everyone, and as an exciting sport for both competitors and spectators.

Dublin Wheelers
Dublin Wheelers is a Fingal based cycling club founded in 1933. They have just set up a new website for the club and are seeking content contributions from members.