Sunday, September 10, 2006

The goals of the Fingal Safe Cycling Action Group:
- To accelerate the provision of safe cycle ways in Fingal in keeping with the objectives set out in the Fingal Development plan 2005-2011[1], and the Donabate Strategic Environmental Assessment (March 2006)[2]. Maps - Proposed safe cycling routes

- To specifically accelerate the following objectives in the Fingal Development plan:

Transportation Objective TO28
To prepare and implement on a progressive basis a programme for the development of the Fingal Coastal Way for pedestrians and cyclists, extending from the county boundary with Dublin City to the county boundary with County Meath.

Transportation Objective TO29
To ensure where possible that cycleways and footpaths are effectively separated from major vehicular carriageways.

Community ObjectiveCIO4
To ensure that sites (community facilities) are accessible by a range of travel modes, particularly by public transport, pedestrians and cyclists.

Examples of the projects we would like to accelerate include:
1. Provide safe cycle way along the coast between Portmarnock and Malahide. Specifically we propose:
1.1. Upgrade and widen the existing coastal pedestrian path between Portmarnock and Malahide to provide a split pedestrian / cycle path.
1.2. Provide pedestrian / cycle lights at the entrance to Malahide United’s soccer ground at Gannon Park, where approximately 1,000 children train weekly.
1.3. Continue the combined walkway / cycle path behind the Malahide Tennis Club / Malahide Yacht Club / Malahide Sea Scouts den, and provide link with a safe cycle way along the south shore of Broadmeadow estuary, thus providing a continuous safe cycle way linking community facilities on the coast to those on the estuary including Fingal Sailing school, Malahide Sailing Club, Swords Sailing Club and Malahide Rugby club.

2. Provide safe cycle way along south shore of Broadmeadow Estuary linking Seabury with Malahide village. Specifically we propose:
2.1. Complete the new gravel pathway from Seabury to Malahide village along south shore of Estuary:
2.1.1. This requires new cycle/pedestrian bridge over stream at Barrack Bridge.
2.1.2. Upgrade and widen the path to accommodate both pedestrians and cyclists.

3. Provide a safe cycle way around the Broadmeadow Estuary. Specifically we propose:
3.1. Provide safe cycle / pedestrian path at Swords end of the estuary.
3.2. Widen the non-tidal path on the north shore to cater for cyclists / pedestrians.
3.3. Extend the non-tidal path to cater for cyclists / pedestrians on the north shore to the start of the causeway.
3.4. Complete the circuit by providing cycle / pedestrian route across the causeway between Donabate and Malahide as per item 153 in the Donabate Strategic Environmental Assessment (March 2006)[3].

4. Update the plan for a new park at Robswall to include provision of Cycle ways through the park.

5. Provide safe cycle ways linking all of the public parks and open spaces in Fingal.

6. Provide safe cycle routes to all schools in Fingal in co-operation with the Green Schools initiative.

[1] Fingal Development Plan -
[3] 153 That Fingal County Council seeks the provision of a public walkway/cycleway through the Western side of Variation 34 Lands in Donabate and along the existing railway embankment across the Malahide Estuary, in consultation with Iarnrod Eireann within the lifespan of this Development Plan.


Anonymous said...


Keep up the excellent work.

Brian Carolan

Anonymous said...

Ken, this is a well constructed campaign that sets out to improve facilities for the community both young and old. A decent investment idea that involves dividends for all in terms of health and recreation and connecting with nature. Refreshing! Kevin Pryor, Malahide.

Anonymous said...

Hi there
A very worthwhile cause.

Just to let all you cyclists know I had a (very good) bike stolen last Friday 24/08 at Malahide train station, broad daylight. The lock was cut with bolt cutters. The thiefs were caught by the Gardai in the act of cutting locks but had managed to get away with at least two bikes beforehand. This hasn't helped - no sign of my bike. No cctv in operation. Should we be tyring to improve security at stations?.... or just have at least 2 locks on your bike....? Any thoughts??