Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Flagship project and other proposed routes

Our Flagship Project is the 10Km long continuous pedestrian and cycle route aroundthe Broadmeadow Inner Estuary. This will provide a fabulous amenity for the residents of Swords, Donabate and Malahide, and indeed for all of the people of Fingal and beyond. This route is less than five miles from Dublin Airport, and has the potential to become a significant eco-tourist attraction.

There is currently a pedestrian path along some of the southern shore of the estuary (see picture). We would like to see this upgraded to accomodate both cyclists and pedestrians.

Barrack Bridge - at Cave's Marsh is currently part of the Broadmeadow inner estuary pedestrian / cycle way. As you can see from the picture, this is a nightmare for pedestrians and cyclists alike. Up to 8,000 cars a day use this recently upgraded road that links Seabury to Malahide village. See the current route at Barrack Bridge pedestrian / cycle route. Thankfully, just yards away is plenty of space to solve this problem........

The simple solution is to build a pedestrian / cyclist bridge over Cave's Marsh closer to the shore (see Cave's Marsh route) . There is already a beautiful pathway at Cave's Marsh that unfortunately comes to a 'dead end'.

We were pleased to learn recently (Late Sep 06) that the council has decided to build a bridge across Caves Marsh. The design will go to 'public consultation' shortly. Years of campaigning by local groups such as the Seabury Residents Association is finally paying off. Well done to all.

Click on the following for a very Rough sketch of 'Fingal Way'

As time permits, we will map out other proposed routes. If you have ideas for safe cycle routes in your part of Fingal, you can use to map them out. Tell us about them and we will include a link from this page.

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