Sunday, November 19, 2006

Obesity is a growing problem - safe cycling can help

Every day we read more about the growing problem of obesity in Ireland, especially among children. Cycling is a fun way to avoid this problem - but it must be safe. Many parents are understandably afraid to let their children cycle for fear of injury or death on our narrow congested roads.

Please click here to Register Your Support for Safe Cycle Routes in Fingal and encourage your friends and family to do likewise. Thank you.

Useful businesses and services in Fingal

We list here for free, links to businesses and services that you may find useful within Fingal. In return, the businesses shown here have agreed to link to us from their site.

A big 'Thank you for your support' to each of these businesses.

Remember......if you choose to travel by have the right to expect to travel in safety.

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'Help your child learn to cycle without stabilisers with a Wallaby Trainer. No more aching back, the jacket contains a gripper to support your child without needing to bend down, and teaches the child to balance the bike themselves thereby speeding up the process and building confidence. Features reflective strips for extra safety'

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mark Cagney predicts the future...

I predict that we will be walking and cycling a lot more in the future. This increase in exercise will lead to a dramatic decrease in obesity problems. Cleaner air, thanks to less pollution from cars, will also make us healthier By Mark Cagney, Ireland AM

For more predictions see ScienceWeek's Predictions on the Green

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Time to join forces to lobby for improved cycling facilities

We are calling on all cycling groups within Ireland to join forces to lobby for improved facilities for ALL cyclists. We have identified at least FOUR distinct types of cyclists, including:
1. Racing Cycists
2. Commuting Cyclists
3. Leisure/Family/Young Children
4. Mountain Bikers
Please e-mail if your group is interested in 'joining up'.