Thursday, September 03, 2009

Broadmeadow Viaduct Collapse

Copy of e-mail sent to Senan Turnball (FingalCoCo Director of services, Community, Recreation and Amenities) (24 Aug 2009)

Hi Senan,

Thankfully no-one was injured in the collapse of the viaduct over the Broadmeadow Estuary on Friday last. The focus now is understandably to re-instate the railway line as quickly as possible.

It is my understanding that the entire viaduct will be replaced, rather than the failed section. There is a window of opportunity now to provide for a shared use pedestrian and cycle path. Ideally this would be built as the bridge is being reinstated. If this is not possible, the design of the new bridge should allow for a path to be cantilevered to the side at a future date.

Senan replied on the same day to say he agreed, and was pursuing the matter with the relevant people.

Thank you Senan.

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