Thursday, October 12, 2006

Brendan Gleeson voices his support

Brendan Gleeson e-mailed the following message of support to us, together with a lovely mugshot! Thank you Brendan.

"Nothing clears the head quite like getting out on the bike and letting
the breeze blow things back into perspective.

For many, however, the joy of cycling in the fresh air is a thing of
the past. Frankly, cycling on our roads has become too dangerous,
especially for the young. It is unwise and unfair to do nothing about

The situation is not insurmountable. Designated safe cycling routes can reverse the trend. Kids are eager to get out there. Adults the same. Give people a safe environment and thousands will get back on their bikes. The benefits to health and well-being would be enormous. All it requires is vision and the persistence to see it through.

What a legacy Fingal Co. Council can bestow on the county, with the provision of the Coastal Way and a full commitment to the provision of safe cycling throughout Fingal. It would reap the rewards for generations.

I fully support Fingal Safe Cycling Action Group in their campaign and look forward to a healthier Fingal in the future. Not to mention those breezes in the spokes!

Brendan Gleeson"

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