Friday, October 30, 2015

Funding of €6.2m set aside to complete the Broadmeadow Way

Great news - we can finally expect to be walking/cycling across the Broadmeadow estuary sometime in 2018.
Pedestrian / Cycleway to complete by 2018 - foundation pillars for bridge already in place  
According to the Fingal Independent "Fingal County council's new Capital Spending Programme for the next three years has set aside €6.2 million for completion of the long-awaited pedestrian route and cycleway across the Broadmeadow Estuary, to be known as the 'Broadmeadow Way'."

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Finally - Public consultation on proposed walk / cycleway

Finally... public consulation on proposed Walk/Cycleway across the Broadmeadow Estuary, linking Malahide Castle to Newbridge House. Routemap and details at first link below. 
Second link is short questionnaire from FingalCoCo to garner support/opposition for the proposal.

Personally, I believe it will be fantastic. 
Details are on currently on display in Malahide Library, with an open consultation day on Tuesday 25th Feb in Malahide Library from 3pm to 8pm.

Please pass details to anyone you believe may be interested. 

Rgds Ken

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Broadmeadow Viaduct Collapse

Copy of e-mail sent to Senan Turnball (FingalCoCo Director of services, Community, Recreation and Amenities) (24 Aug 2009)

Hi Senan,

Thankfully no-one was injured in the collapse of the viaduct over the Broadmeadow Estuary on Friday last. The focus now is understandably to re-instate the railway line as quickly as possible.

It is my understanding that the entire viaduct will be replaced, rather than the failed section. There is a window of opportunity now to provide for a shared use pedestrian and cycle path. Ideally this would be built as the bridge is being reinstated. If this is not possible, the design of the new bridge should allow for a path to be cantilevered to the side at a future date.

Senan replied on the same day to say he agreed, and was pursuing the matter with the relevant people.

Thank you Senan.

Friday, September 26, 2008

'Safe' School Route - Seabury to Scoil Iosa

This is a 'safe' route to school from Malahide West (Seabury, Killeen, etc.) to Scoil Iosa (Secondary school),  which is located to the East of Malahide, at The Hill, Broomfield, Malahide.
(Update Jan 2021 - map removed as mapping tool is no longer supported - we hope to create a new map on "Google My Maps at a future date - apologies for any confusion caused)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Children should be able to cycle safely to local amenities

Most community facilities in Malahide (sports clubs, schools etc.) are on the shore of the Broadmeadow Estuary, or quite near it. Building a safe coastal pathway for shared use by pedestrians and cyclists will allow all of us, but especially children, to cycle safely to local amenities. This will improve the health of the community, reduce local traffic and provide a superb tourist attraction.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

SUSTRANS helping to legalise cycling within parks in Fingal

August 2008: FingalCoCo has engaged SUSTRANS to produce a report on how cycling within parks in Fingal can be legalised. SUSTRANS SUStainable TRANSport) manages the 11,500 miles of UK shared cycle/ pedestrian network, and also manages the UK Safe Routes To School Programme.

The report will also propose safe routes to school in both Skerries and Malahide. The report is due to be delivered in October. What would you like to see in this report? Please share your ideas with us by posting a comment on this blog, or by sending an email to

We are delighted to announce that we have joined forces with the Skerries Cycling Initiative in our campaign for improved cycling facilities in Fingal. Please visit their website at Skerries Cycling Initiative to learn more.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Year latest news

Jan 2008 SUSTRANS - Charity that has built 11,500 miles of Cycle network in Northern Ireland and Great Britain plan to open Dublin office in 2008

Nov 2007 SUSTRANS meet FingalCoCo and agree to assist with the development of the Broadmeadow Estuary Orbital route. SUSTRANS to propose pilot project to allow cycling in Malahide Demesne, and to provide safe route to Scoil Iosa through Malahide Demesne. Proposal due in Jan 2008.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Latest news

Broadmeadow Trail - Councillors pass important motion:
We welcome the unanimous vote on Monday Sept 10th by Fingal County Councillors in support of Mayor Alan Farrell's motion "That Fingal County Council initiate a programme for the development of an orbital footpath/cycle route around Broadmeadow Estuary."

New pathway open linking Malahide and Portmarnock
A beautiful new pathway is now open from Robswall over "Paddy's Hill" to Portmarnock. Access on the Portmarnock side is beside the entrance to Portmarnock AFC. The view of Lambay island, as one approaches Malahide from the Portmarnock direction is stunning. This is officially a 'pedestrian' pathway, but my kids think it's more fun on a bike!

Pedestrian crossing imminent
A new pedestrian crossing at the junction of Swords Road and Millview Road (Malahide) is due for completion by the end of the year. The crossing will be at a location west of the Millview. Road. (Source: Fingal Independent - Sep 12th, page 2).
This will provide a much needed 'safe' crossing point for pedestrians and cyclists on the southern side of the very busy Swords road. Hopefully this will give more parents the confidence to allow their children to walk and cycle to schools in the area.

Improved permeability planned within Malahide Demesne
FingalCoCo Parks Department is planning to improve permeability within Malahide Demesne by opening what is currently a 'Council Staff Only' section of the main avenue leading from the Casino gate, past the Courtyard, to the castle itself. Currently, visitors approaching from Malahide village are forced to leave the main avenue and approach the castle through the wooded pathway. In addition to reducing confusion for the many tourists who visit the castle, this will greatly improve access for all of the residents of Malahide, to the courtyard shops, and the playing pitches.

Pilot cyclepaths project for Malahide Demesne
FingalCoCo Parks Department is planning a pilot project to introduce safe cyclepaths within Malahide Demesne, with a view to introducing cyclepaths to all parks in Fingal over time. Safety for both pedestrians and cyclists will be a primary consideration.
(Source: Fingal County Manager, David O'Connor at Malahide Community Forum AGM May 2007, confirmed by Senan Turnball, Director of services, Community, Recreation and Amenities, on Monday Sep 17th 2007)

Monday, June 11, 2007

Plan to convert towpaths into world class cycle ways

Failte Ireland and SUSTRANS (Sustainable Transport) are meeting with county councils later this month (June 2007) to develop a plan to convert over 1000km of canal and waterway towpaths into world class walk and cycle trails.

SUSTRANS have also offered support to Fingal County Council with the development of cycleways in the Fingal area - as part of the proposed Dublin Belfast Cycle Route.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Irish Heart Foundation on safe cycle lanes

Extract from letter to Irish Times, Wed 9th May 2007, from MICHAEL O'SHEA, Chief Executive, Irish Heart Foundation:

"Irish society is experiencing increasing levels of obesity year on year. This is a serious health issue for our society. Regular exercise is a major contributory factor to reducing excess body weight. Cycling is enjoyable, beneficial and environmentally friendly - so we should be investing heavily in safe cycle lanes throughout our towns and cities and encouraging significant numbers to cycle - especially in the beautiful spring sunshine. - Yours, etc,"
MICHAEL O'SHEA, Chief Executive, Irish Heart Foundation, Clyde Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

Further details from the Irish Heart Foundation ->
Physical Activity, Young People and the Physical Environment